Endeavour star Shaun Evans has said the new series will see his character eventually move into the flat occupied by Inspector Morse.

Evans, who plays the young DC Endeavour Morse in the hit show, a prequel to the series Inspector Morse, said the upcoming sixth series set in the 1960s will bring the timeline closer to the start of the series starring John Thaw.

Discussing the prospect of a seventh instalment, he said: “ITV has asked us to do another series, but they only asked us on Friday.

Shaun Evans, left, and John Thaw
Shaun Evans, left, stepped into John Thaw’s, right, shoes to play the younger version of Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse (Jonathan Ford/ITV)

“I think it’s important for us to get together and have a chat about it, just to see what the story is, see where the story goes.

“By the end of this one, I move into the flat that Morse ends up living in. By the end of it I certainly put down roots, so I wonder what that means.”

The new series also sees Evans direct an episode and he said: “It wasn’t too bad, I think, it was interesting, and it was an incredible experience as well.

“It’s great acting and it’s great directing, then if you can mix the two where you know the team and you have shorthand with everyone and also you know the sort of the timbre of the stories as well.

“It was actually a joyous experience to be honest, and it was great as an actor and a director in separate ways to be forced to approach things in a specific way was just good for me personally, you know.”

He continued: “I’ve always been interested in it. I just think that you can at the moment you can do anything, it’s a good time for TV and for storytelling in general and I just don’t think you should ever limit yourself.

“I always thought that when we began, so I’ve been a producer on it for a couple of years now as well.

“I’ve been directing other stuff for a few years so I want to just do as much as I can, so you’re not saying I’m just doing this or that, but actually you can think about things in a different way and who in a way it’s better if you spend a lot of time on sets working with many different directors, writers, actors, producers then it gives you an insight which maybe not a lot of people would have.”

The new series of Endeavour will start on ITV on February 10.