HAVING risen to fame with boy band Blue, Duncan James is no stranger to the stage.

His latest role will see him shed the poster boy image and become Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Show.

The 41-year-old described the role as his ‘dream’.

“I heard they were doing The Rocky Horror Show and I think Frank-N-Furter is one of the best roles you can play in

musical theatre”, he says.

“It’s such an iconic role and the show has a loyal following. It’s a wonderfully-written show and I thought ‘Wouldn’t it be great to play Frank?’ I rang my agent and said ‘I hear they are casting The Rocky Horror Show, can you get me an audition?’ He did and so I went in, did the audition and got a recall.

“When I went back I said to myself ‘I’m gonna get this’ and I did. I was really lucky because I had lots of competition from other well-known actors who were up for the part. I was thinking, ‘No, no, no, this is my part!’ So when I got it I was really proud of myself.”

The Rocky Horror Show has become one of the longest-enduring musical theatre productions on the circuit, which James puts down to the genius of Richard O’Brien.

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Created in the 1970s, the musical horror has become a cult classic, with its soundtrack still played in pubs around the country to this day.

James says: “He created The Rocky Horror Show when it was really taboo to talk about certain subjects and having a man dressed up as a transvestite was unheard of.

“It was a case of ‘What on earth is this Tim Curry guy (the star in the film) doing?’ It was banned in some countries because they thought it was completely wrong and it had a tough start because a lot of people didn’t know how to take it.

“A lot found it in bad taste. but that was a sign of the times, of course. As attitudes towards sexuality, sex and transgender issues have changed we have become a lot more open-minded and liberal, haven’t we?

“It’s fantastic we now embrace shows like The Rocky Horror Show.

“It’s great that this show has stood the test of time. It seems to be getting bigger and bigger, with more and more people getting dressed up to come and see it, as well as knowing the story and shout-outs.

“The show gains more and more fans every time it goes out on tour.”

How does the pop star feel about performing in heels? “I’m very comfortable in heels.

“I love getting dressed up every night, putting on the corset, the fishnets and heels. It’s such an empowering moment because when I walk out on that stage I feel huge compared to the other cast members.

“I feel like I’m towering above everybody and instantly I get that sense of command that Frank has. [Laughs] And of course I’m not shy so I love strutting round. I’m really embracing it.

“Also, I have a bit of a fascination with drag queens and drag artists. I’ve become a huge fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s like my number one guilty pleasure. I cannot miss an episode of any of RuPaul’s stuff.”

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Performing in The Rocky Horror Show is the latest in a string of theatre roles for James. Having ticked soap operas off his list, he has also performed in Chicago, Priscilla and Legally Blonde.

“I’m really lucky that I’ve gotten to do so many great shows”, he says.

“I loved playing Billy Flynn in Chicago. That’s a great role

and I was lucky enough to play him again in the West End revival last year. I got to work with Alexandra Burke, whom

I adore, and we had great chemistry together.

“I loved playing Tick in Priscilla because it’s one of the most incredible, most liberating roles. Me having a child and being a gay man, I really related to the character.

“And The Rocky Horror Show is really good fun. It’s one of those shows where you get on stage every night and just have a really good time. It doesn’t feel like having to go to work and the audiences love it.”

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Duncan James will performing in The Rocky Horror Show at the King’s Theatre, Glasgow, from August 12 to 17.