Jodie Whittaker has urged people to “stay strong” and “stay positive” as she delivered a video message in character as the Doctor.

The Doctor Who actress, 37, imparted advice for self-isolation during the coronavirus outbreak in a nearly minute-and-a-half video clip which shows her dressed as the Time Lord.

In the video, which appears on the official Doctor Who Twitter account, she says: “Oh, hi, this is an emergency transmission. If you’re seeing this the Tardis must have detected an upsurge in psychological signals from somewhere in space and time.

“Basically I think somebody somewhere might be a little bit worried. I’m actually just self-isolating, or as I like to call it, hiding from an army of Sontarans, but keep that to yourself. Now, here’s what I do in any worrying situation.”

Listing off five things, she said that firstly people should remember: “You’ll get through this and things will be alright, even if they look uncertain, even if you’re worried, darkness never prevails.”

She urged people to tell jokes, “even bad ones”, and to also be kind, adding: “Even kinder than you were yesterday, and I know you were super kind yesterday.”

Doctor Who Photocall – London
Jodie Whittaker is the first female Time Lord (PA)

She continued: “Look out for each other, you won’t be the only one worried. Talking will help, sharing will help. Look out for your friends, your neighbours, people you hardly know and family because, in the end, we’re all family.”

Her message ended with her saying:  “Listen to science and listen to doctors, right? They’ve got your back. Stay strong, stay positive, you’ve got this and I will see you very soon.”

Former Broadchurch star Whittaker rose to international fame when she became the first woman to have the starring role in the popular sci-fi series.

She is the 13th incarnation of the Doctor.