HIGH-voltage four piece the Faux are spearheading a celebration of 40 years of punk, at the Railway Hotel.

It takes place on Saturday April 30 with support from Swindle and Lee Cannon.

The Faux, led by front man Steve Militant, say they are the only band who pay tribute to the Fall - a post-punk group led by Mark.E Smith - in England.

The night takes place from 8pm until late at the pub in Clifftown Road, Southend.

Admission to the event is £2.

Events such as gigs, films, talks, photography, art and other exhibitions are taking place all over the country all year round, to mark the year that the sub-culture first came to the forefront.

Organisations such as Punk London (punk.london) are leading the way with a massive culmination of dates in the calender, with numerous other big named flag fliers such as the Isle of Wight Festival, Mojo Magazine, British Library, the BFI and the Museum of London taking part in their own way.