Supplied by Murphy Media

Let's not make too many bones about this sequel - it is absolutely HUGE. The cut scenes may be a bit long, and some bits are a tad too twee, but the action is relentless.

It remains a 'corridor' shooter, but there is plenty to see. Even a trip in to space - not very WWII.

But then this is an age after the Nazis won the war, and exposes what life under Hitler could have been life. The timing is pretty apt too, as the USA is becoming gripped by a paranoia that white supremacists are somehow gaining political ground.

This is an age where war technology has done a bit mental - it is still back in the day, but like I said, trips to Venus are on the cards.

This is not a bad game, but I remain in the camp that thinks the developers are trying too hard. I like some of the previous efforts better than this one. It is a grind, and having to repeatedly find your way around a giant submarine to have a chat with one of my resistance buddies is the most annoying.

The detail of each scene is absolutely astonishing, and some of the more graphic scenes are just that, graphic.

War is hell, as they say, and Wolfenstein II certainly reflects that. We lament the demise of a character, but then completely ignore the dead tolls in between.

You are still Blazkowicz, and this time you are on the 'wrong' side, according to the Nazi rulers. They call you a terrorist, which, also considering today's political climate, sits a little uneasy.

The mechanical robots are big and tough, as are the rocket propelled bots, armoured dogs, and officers whose Lugers seems to make a major punch. Take them out quickly to ease the pace of  fresh troops arriving.

Please, so play this game - it is rewarding, but, I don't know, it just could have been better from a playing point of view.