VIOLET Felina are a British American Shoegaze duo, consisting of Marc Crane and Artemisa Crane.

This fuzzy, dreamy pair say they are "inspired by imperfections that make sounds flourish with raw vibration and transport you into the hazy glowing woods".

If that all sounds like a bit of you, you can see them next Wednesday, playing at Hippy Joe's Live and Unsigned night, at the Edge in High Pavement, Basildon.

Marc and Artemisa reportedly met online and decided to start working on tracks together.

With Marc being in London and 'Mia' in Florida, they were constantly sending each other files and would complete the final tracks whenever she flew over.

They heard their first ever song, Secret Middle of The Pods Eye, when they met in person for the very first time. Since then, they have made an EP, been putting together new tracks and got married.

The night starts at The Edge starts at 8pm.

Admission is free.

Voilet Felina say: "You can dance alone to these grimy, fuzzy tunes if you so wish, or hang about and chill in the swamp with the trees."