A WOMAN says she owes her life to the quick actions of a doctor.

23-year-old Kelsey Burrows suffered a severe allergic reaction after eating half a walnut.

Kelsey, who had no idea she had a nut allergy, ate half the small nut in a car with her friend on the way home to Great Wakering. Within minutes her throat had closed up and her body had gone into anaphylactic shock.

By the time she got home, she was struggling to breathe and her mum’s boyfriend, Stuart Darling, 51, put her in the car and planned to drive to A&E.

But as they passed the Wakering Medical Centre at the end of the road he had a brainwave and took her in there to be treated. Dr Sami Ozturk saw the signs of a serious allergy and immediately injected her to save her life.

Kelsey said: “I had never had any problems before it was totally crazy.

“I felt my airways close and my body went tight. My mum’s boyfriend chucked me in the car and was going to take me to A&E but the doctor’s surgery was open and he thought it was quicker. The receptionist saw how bad I was and ran into the doctor. He came out and took me straight into his room.

“I am never going to eat nuts again.”

Kelsey was given an epipen and another injection of antihistamines before being taken to hospital for more treatment.

She is now completely recovered and has been in to thank the doctor.

Dr Ozturk, who has been a GP at the surgery for four years, said he didn’t feel like he did anything special.

He said: “I am always on call on Friday, she was having an anaphylactic reaction after eating nuts. That was a severe form of allergic reaction where the airways close up, the tongue swells and it could kill.

“I gave her the necessary injections and treatments and she recovered.

“It is my job basically and it is what I did. I don’t think it is a heroic action, it is part of my job.”