A NEIGHBOURHOOD row over a trampoline could lead to a family being evicted from their home.

Paul Gibson, 27, put the trampoline in the property’s communal garden back in August last year - but has now been told to move it or face the high jump from the council because its blocking a neighbour’s access.

Mr Gibson from Norton Close, Corringham, said he put the 8ft wide trampoline in to keep his two kids active and healthy and is refusing to move it.


He said a council estates officer told him in August there was no problem with the trampoline, but in December his neighbour living downstairs, Gloria Foot, complained she was unable to get her mobility scooter in or out of the garden.

Mrs Foot, 58, said: “They’ve put the trampoline right near the gate so I can’t get my disability scooter out, I’ve not really been able to get out because every time I come back in I bang into it, it has damaged my scooter.

“This is a shared communal garden, so its also for the bins and the washing line, but they have other ideas.”

A spokesman for Thurrock Council said: “The council did not grant permission to the tenant for the installation of the trampoline.

"We have responded to complaints from a vulnerable resident whose mobility has been severely restricted by the location of the trampoline in the communal garden.

"We have commenced legal proceedings as a final resort, following warning letters together with a home visit from our estate officers. These warnings gave the tenant adequate time to clear the trampoline from the communal garden which the tenant did not comply with.”