MOST people living in a town centre apartment could expect to look out on to stunning views of the skyline.... but residents of Brooke House are having to look out onto a “vile” dumping ground.

Soiled nappies, sanitary waste, mouldy food and general rubbish are just some of the items being dumped out of the windows of what has become the towerblock tip.

Echo: Brooke House


Now one private landlord and a councillor are demanding action to clean up the “eyesore”.

Joanne Douglas, 37, from Lee Chapel South, who has owned and rented a flat in the listed building for around 15 years, said: “It’s an absolute disgrace.

“The flat that I rent out is on the other side of Brooke House but for those people who have to look at that every days it’s awful.

“We pay the council a service charge, which is supposed to cover cleaning costs for the building and surrounding area, but yet this mess is still there.

“The council has also done nothing to investigate who is responsible despite the fact that it is obvious one of those involved has a baby and they clearly live on the side of the tower block which looks out on to the building next door.”

The rubbish is being hurled onto the roof of the HSBC bank building in front of the tower block’s entrance. The towerblock does have bin stores in the block which are taken away by council refuse councillors, but it appears some residents are using a different option to get rid of their waste.