A MAN was slapped with a £70 fine after his car broke down.

Michael Peck, 79, spent five minutes desperately trying to push his car off the main carriageway in Rayleigh Road, Eastwood, and on to the car park at Kent Elms Corner doctors’ surgery after he ran out of petrol.

When he realised he could not manage any more, he dashed into a nearby shop to call his wife, but returned moments later to find his car ticketed.

Mr Peck, of Fleming Avenue, Leigh, said: “The parking warden was an absolute jobsworth.

“I did not want to cause an obstruction –I tried to push my car in to the bay in front of the shops. But I could not manage it so went in one of them to call my wife.”

Mr Peck said he plans to dispute the penalty.

He said: “The ticket said I was seen obstructing the carriageway for three minutes. But the warden must have seen me struggling with my car. These people need to show some compassion and common sense.”

Derek Kenyon, Southend Council’s parking manager, said: “If anyone wishes to challenge a Penalty Charge Notice, then there are set procedures to follow, laid down by the Department of Transport.

“If there is a claim that a vehicle has broken down, then we would need evidence to support that – such as the relevant repair bill or details from breakdown assistance services.”