A WOMAN couldn’t believe her eyes when she returned home to find her drive had been dug up by workmen who went to the wrong address.

Julie Tworogal looked on in amazement as she pulled up outside her bungalow, in Springwater Road, Eastwood.

Her concrete and pebble drive, which had been intact when she left home five hours earlier, had been reduced to rubble.

At first, the 50-year-old housewife thought she’d been the target of vandals. She made a frantic call to husband, Christopher, 37, before discovering the “culprits” had set to work on another driveway further down her road.

Julie said: “I simply could not believe my eyes.Icalled my husband and was screaming down the phone that someone had torn our drive up.Iwent to a neighbour to see if they had seen anything.

“They had watched the whole thing, but thought we knew about it and didn’t question it.

“I just wandered around in a bit of a daze and then spotted workmen down the road.”

Mrs Tworogal confronted the workers from Leigh-based Bill and Ben Driveways at Monday lunchtime. She said: “They said they had done it because they had been sent to 82, instead of 110.

“They had got a text from their boss asking where they were because the real client had called him saying they weren’t there.

“They replied they were there and had just dug the drive up.

Then they realised they had been sent to the wrong number.”

After discovering the mistake, the workers went to work at the right address, but later returned to remove all the smashed rubble from Mrs Tworogal’s drive.

After the initial shock, the couple saw the funny side. Julie said: “We finished up laughing hysterically. It was just a mistake and the company is going to replace my driveway.

“We were going to do it anyway, but just not so soon. I’ve even paid a bit more to get an upgrade, soIwill soon have a cobbled driveway.”

Sean Cane, 46, the owner of the company, carried the can for the mix-up. He said: “The guys just went to the wrong house after I gave them the wrong number.Igot mixed up with another job.

“When I got a call from the customer asking where we were, I thought it was strange and then realised they were at the wrong house.”