A HORSE was killed instantly when it was struck by a car on the A127 - the same day as two horses were killed in an earlier crash.

The crash happened at the A132 Nevendon junction, not far from the day's earlier horror crash involving three horses at Wickford.

The second incident happened at 8.35pm on Saturday when a horse escaped from a nearby field used by Hovefields travellers. 

A black Renault Megane struck the animal shortly after the slip road  Southend bound killing it instantly.

A female passenger was left trapped in the car by her injuries.

Fire crews from Basildon, Wickford, and Rayleigh Weir attended.

Sub officer at Basildon Ricardo Latora said: "It was awful and happened a few hundred yards down the road from the earlier crash with three horses."

The woman was helped from the car and put on a spinal board and taken to Basildon Hospital.

The road was closed for about an hour while the woman was freed and one lane remained shut until the body of the horse was removed.

Insp Dick Thomas from Essex Police said: "Work is on-going in Basildon District by local police officers to ensure horse owners are reminded of their responsibility under the Animal Act 1971 that they have a duty of care to prevent horses or any animal straying onto the highway.


"The investigation into the causes of the collision with two horses around 6am and the second incident around 8pm continues. That investigation will include the circumstances of how the horses came to be on the A127 and whether any offences by the horse owners have been committed or not.


"Where the circumstances and evidence shows that horse owners have been negligent then Essex Police will seek to prosecute."