RESIDENTS and businesses have demanded a meeting with police to discuss the ongoing problem of horses escaping from grazing land off the A127.

People fear someone will be killed if something is not done to stop the animals escaping from grazing land near to the travellers’ site near Pound Lane.

Derek Bunker, owner of Alton Garden Centre was forced to shut his business on Saturday morning following a crash on the A127 on Saturday which left two horses dead and a motorist with serious head injuries.


About 14 hours later, a woman had to bne freed from her car after it hit and killed a horse at the Bevendon junction, just four miles away from the first crash.

He is said it is not the first time animals have escaped on to the arterial road and is concerned there will be a fatality.


He said: “A couple of months ago there was a horse running free around the back of the garden centre.

“It came through the carpark and broke through our chain fence.

“The horse was injured and unfortunately the animal had to be put down.

“I know local residents have asked for a meeting with police about the issue.

“It is becoming a problem and I am worried that sooner or later someone will be killed.”

Last year four horses caused chaos for motorists on the A127 after they got on to the carriageway near to Hovefields, Wickford.

Police temporarily slowed the traffic and luckily nobody was injured.

A spokesman from Essex Police said officers will be liaising with residents to discuss their concerns.