POLICE are investigating who is behind an “appallingly offensive” cartoon posted online that ridicules Basildon mayor Mo Larkin.

Essex Police confirmed a probe is under way after a complaint from the mayor after a link to the video on Facebook and Youtube was e-mailed to all councillors and senior officers at Basildon Council.


The cartoon

The video is a skit on an embarrassing photograph posted online of the mayor after Armed Forces Day in Basildon, in June, when she appeared to be looking at her mobile phone while receiving a salute from troops.

However, the lewd scenes, which include Mrs Larkin giving birth to Tory council leader Tony Ball, have prompted outrage.

An Essex P o l i c e spokesman said: “We are investigating allegations of malicious communications and inquiries are ongoing.”

No one has been arrested.

Mrs Larkin said: “You can expect criticism as mayor, but no one should have to put up with this sort of humiliation – it is disgusting.”

Mr Ball said: “We’ve been the subject of these cartoon videos before, but previously there’s been an element of humour and they were quite cleverly done.

“Although this video had similarities, it was lacking in any humour and was appallingly offensive to the mayor.”

The links were sent anonymously from a Googlemail email address.