A DISABLED woman says she has had to struggle up two flights of stairs for nearly two weeks because the lift at her council block of flats has not been fixed.

Kelly Ruston, 42, claims Basildon Council has left the lift in Brooke House broken since October 11.

She suffers from fibromyalgia, a long-term muscle condition which causes pain all over her body, including chronic back pain.

Kelly was originally told the lift would not be fixed until November 4, because engineers were waiting for a part, but the council has now said work will start today.

It comes as residents were due to have talks with the council last night to explain their frustrations and concerns at living in the Grade II listed block of flats.

The breakdown of the lift, which serves the even numbers in the block, has led to more people using the rubbish chutes, which became blocked for four days. Then the stairwell became a dumping ground for fly-tippers discarding rotting food.

Kelly said: “I have a dog and must make this journey down the stairs four or five times a day.

“Climbing the stairs is not good. I have muscle problems and chronic back pain. They shouldn’t let us live in a place with all this rubbish and where you can’t even get to your home.

“This lift problem is getting everyone shirty. The council hasn’t told us anything, it’s totally wrong.”

A Basildon Council spokesman said: “We have experienced problems with the lift serving the even-numbered floors of Brooke House. However, the council’s contractor has confirmed a new replacement part will be installed, leaving the lift in working order.”