ANGRY residents have demanded action is taken against motorists using their road as a car park.

Residents in Crowborough Road, Southend, claim their road is choc-a-block with cars because no permit restrictions are in place.

Permits were introduced to nearby Baxter Avenue in 2008 with more restrictions brought in to Victoria Avenue 18 months ago, but residents in Crowborough Road say council and police workers are using their road to park in, as it is close to Southend Victoria Station.

Trevor Innard, 60, handed over a 100-name petition to the council in May calling for action to be taken, but he has heard nothing from the authority since.

He said: “The council does not want to introduce permits in our area, as it clearly uses this road for their own means.”

“People are thinking of moving over this. Why should we when the bloody-minded council is causing this?”

Mr Innard revealed a neighbour had received eight parking tickets in the last 11 months as he cannot access his driveway and is forced to park illegally.

David Norwood, his wife and 16-year-old daughter also live on the road.

But they are now considering moving after Mr Norwood was prevented leaving his house to get to hospital last week by a car blocking his drive.

Mr Norwood said: “That was the last straw.

“I love my house so much, but they are not doing anything about the problem. I can’t take it anymore.”


Ian Gilbert, councillor for
Victoria ward admitted parking
is a problem throughout
the borough.

Mr Gilbert said: “I have
written to the chief executive
of the council and the police
station asking their staff to
park more responsibly, if that
is part of the problem.

“One thing we must do if
Victoria Avenue is redeveloped
is to ensure staff have
adequate parking at their
place of work.”

Mr Innard has met with
councillor David Norman
after filing a petition with
nearly 100 signatures to the
council in May.

Mr Norman said: “I have
facilitated at least two meetings
with the team leader of
traffic management. We have
written letters, involved the
police and informed traffic

Mehmet Mazhar, from
Southend Council, said: “We
have done our best to assist
Mr Innard.
“After councillors met Mr
Innard, we wrote to advise residents
what to do if a vehicle
was obstructing their driveway
and how to contact us to
arrange enforcement action if

“We also contacted all council
staff – in case any were
parking in these roads.”


She said: “I’ve supported him with everything he’s done, but it feels like we’re banging our heads against a brick wall.

“Two days out of five I leave for the school run and when I come back there’s a car blocking my drive.”