TWO mass brawls erupted outside a packed Eastgate Centre in Basildon.

Police were twice called to the shopping mall after the fights broke out within about an hour of each other – one involving about 40 teenage girls and the other up to 16 young men.

Shoppers took to Facebook and Twitter last night to vent their disgust after videos of the first incident – between the girls – appeared online.

Police officers were first called to East Walk at about 3.15pm on Sunday following reports of a fight outside Primark which then later moved to Greggs, the bakers.

Two teenage girls were questioned, but no arrests were made.

Police were then called to Town Square at about 4.20pm following reports of another mass punch-up.

It is believed it broke out between Brooke House and the entrance to Primark.

Officers questioned three people about the incident. Again no arrests were made.

Commenting on the first incident, one witness said: “There was about 40 of them. No one would help, they were too scared to get involved. It was all out of control.

“One of the girls had both hands full of hair extensions.”

Another said: “They were proper chavs. Like top notch chavs.

They clearly have no respect for themselves or others.”

Videos of the incident were taken down on Monday morning.

The Echo contacted management at the Eastgate Centre, but they were unable to comment on the incident.