CLAIMS have been made that not enough is being done to stop Gunners Park, in Shoebury, flooding.

Some drainage ditches on the site were de-silted by Southend Council as part of maintenance work in December and areas of vegetation were cleared to help prevent flooding of low-lying areas.

However, Ray Bailey, of Parkanaur Avenue, Thorpe Bay, says the job has not been finished.

He said: “They have done quite a lot, but there is still more work that needs to be done.

“Only a portion of the ditches have been cleared and those are completely full of water and have been for some weeks.

“There are also large areas of the site permanently covered by surface water. If we have torrential rain, there’s nowhere for it to go – there’s no room for any more water.”

Southend Council is the lead local flood authority for the site, but some of the ditches there are the responsibility of Country and Metropolitan, which developed the Garrison Estate.

A spokesman from Southend Council said: “The council has completed clearance of all the watercourses that are its responsibility, especially those important for draining the Shoebury catchment.

“The Barge Pier ditch is owned by Country and Metropolitan.”

A spokeswoman from Country and Metropolitan Homes said: “The Shoebury Garrison site has been designed with a sustainable urban drainage system.

“The system is coping satisfactorily during this period of exceptional weather.”