SOUTHEND Council says it stands by the fine its spy car issued to Graham Wilkinson, which has prompted other motorists to claim they are being deliberatley targeted.

Mr Wilkinson, of Jena Close, Shoebury, was stopped at the zebra crossing in Caulfield Road, Shoebury, for just seven seconds. Pictures sent to him by the council showed children crossing for the duration he was stationary.

During this time his son Joel, 12, jumped out of his dad’s van to get to school, but despite Mr Wilkinson being unable to drive on due to the children on the crossing, he was still handed a £35 fine.

He received the notice on Friday, March 7 and took his complaint to the council the following Monday, but the council says it sees no evidence to overturn the decision.

Andrew Lewis, the council’s corporate director for place, said: “Mr Wilkinson’s reported account would appear to differ with the CCTV footage and from that footage we can see why the PCN was issued by our contractor APCOA.

“The footage shows the vehicle braking well in advance of the crossing and before pedestrians were waiting to cross.

“We would invite Mr Wilkinson to come in to view the footage and we will gladly explain the reason for this ticket being issued.

“If having done this he still wants to appeal, we have an appeals process that will consider that.”

In response, Mr Wilkinson said: “I am still going to appeal.

The Highway Code warns you to be aware of pedestrians when approaching a crossing.

“I guess the Council can’t be seen to be giving in.

“I could do without all the hassle, but the bottom line is that if people do not stand up then nothing will happen and whoever dishes out the fines will just do what they want to do.

“I’m going to get back in contact with the policeman who told me I hadn’t broken any law and see if he will back em up with the council."