ENGINEERS have finally put up a fence to block access to the railway line after workers spotted a boy’s toys on the tracks.

Rebecca Mansfield’s back garden in The Gardens, off Leigh Hill, Leigh, has been exposed to the track for four years and has only now been fenced off after her son George’s toys were found on the line.

The previous wall had to be removed after it became damaged by ivy, shrubs and trees and Ms Mansfield has since persistently called Network Rail to get something done.

The temporary fence was only put up after workers from the construction firm Amco spotted the five-yearold’s toys on the tracks.

Ms Mansfield said: “I’ve been able to walk out on to the train tracks for four years now and been terrified my son is going to walk on to the tracks and get himself killed.

“In November, they sent people round to clear the ivy, but left the border in a pretty bad state.

“It was only at the beginning of February that some people from Amco were walking past and saw how dangerous it was, because all my son’s toys had fallen off the patio, so they put up a temporary fence.

“Network Rail then put up a larger temporary fence last week and it’s secure now, at least, but it’s still dangerous because my garden is starting to collapse due to the lack of a retaining wall.

“I just can’t believe it’s taken them four years to sort out something as dangerous as this.”

A spokesman for Network Rail said it was looking into a permanent solution.

He added: “The boundary with Ms Mansfield’s house should not have been left in this state and we are sorry that this has happened. Our engineering team put up a temporary fence last week and will be visiting this week to discuss and decide upon a permanent fix.”