A NINE-YEAR-OLD football fan turned life saver when his mum suffered a bad fall during an epileptic seizure.

When Brandon Mildren’s mum, Tania, had a severe seizure in her kitchen on Sunday, May 11, it was her son’s quick-thinking that averted a potential tragedy.

He called 999 at 10.14am and stayed on the phone to the them until an ambulance arrived five minutes later.

The youngster remained calm and gave precise answers to questions as well as directions to his home.

Tania, 33, of Cluny Square, Southend, spent a day in hospital after her fit. She still has a black eye from hitting her head and is on crutches after chipping a bone in her ankle.

But Brandon’s calm nature and clear answers to his call handler averted disaster.

Tania said: “He’s a life saver.

He took it all in his stride. I am very lucky to have him.

“The last thing I can remember is putting some bread in the toaster, then waking up in Brandon’s bed and arguing with the paramedics because I didn’t think I lived there.

“He has grown up with me like this and knows exactly what to do and he’s taken on the adult role since October, when I separated from my husband.

He is just remarkable.”

Brandon is not new to first aid. Three years ago, with the help of a seven-year-old friend, he came to his mum’s rescue when she had another seizure.

His experience in dealing with his mum’s condition, despite coping with asthma and other health issues himself, was evident to the emergency services he dealt with.

Rhianna Palmer, emergency call worker, said: “He was absolutely brilliant. I’ve been working here for about a year and he is definitely the best child caller I have had.”

Football-mad Brandon has been playing for Trinity FC for five years, where he is coached by his dad, Ian.

Club child welfare officer Kim Brittle said: “I’ve known him since he was five and he’s a brilliant lad.

“I know the family well and he’s coped amazingly with his mum’s epilepsy.”

This week is National Epilepsy Week. For more information on what to do if someone has a seizure, visit www.eastamb.nhs.uk/news/