A BABY was taken to hospital after he was hit on the head by a mentally disabled woman in Southend High Street.

Ryan Webber-Droy, 16 months, was attacked by the six-foot tall, 20-stone woman outside the HSBC bank.

Ryan’s mum, Katie Webber, 26, of York Road, Southend, was talking to him in his pushchair when the woman came from behind.

Ms Webber said the woman’s carer, who was nowhere to be seen during the attack, came over 10 seconds later and said “sorry, that’s just what she’s into at the moment”.

Mother-of-two Ms Webber said: “I was in shock that someone had slapped my baby. Ryan was screaming in pain. I was so angry I started shouting.

“What if she had something in her hand like a screwdriver? This could have been more than a hit on the head. She shouldn’t be out if that’s what she’s into. Or if she’s out, her carer should be holding her hand.

“Anytime anyone went near Ryan for the rest of the day he flinched. I was really worried. He fell asleep soon afterwards and I had to keep checking he was still breathing.” Ms Webber took him to Southend Hospital fearing he had concussion.

Doctors assured her Ryan had not suffered any lasting damage.

Police are investigating the assault, which happened at about 12.30pm on Monday, June 16.

They are trying to trace the carer in a bid to find out who she works for.

They told Ms Webber they were unlikely to arrest the attacker, as she was mentally disabled.

But Ms Webber and her partner Ryan Droy, 26, said the carer should be held responsible.

Ms Webber added: “Ryan’s family work in social services, with the elderly, disabled and people with mental health. One is on the board of the Care Quality Commission locally.

“They said if something can’t be done to the woman, then something should be done to the carer because she wasn’t doing her job properly.”

Mr Droy said:“We just want justice.’’ The attacker is aged 20 to 25. The carer said her name was Nicola.

Police said: “The baby was uninjured.

Enquiries continue.”Anyone with information should call police on 101.