AN ALPACA trekking business has had to shut after yobs hurled rocks at the terrified animals.

Jackie Kendall, 51, from Noak Bridge, transformed an old play area at Wat Tyler Park, Pitsea, into an enclosure for Oreo, Fudge and Valliant, but it proved to be an easy target for vandals.

The enclosure was also not secure, meaning dogs regularly found a way in.

Mrs Kendall, a part-time carer, began offering Alpaca adventures and expeditions through the park at the end of last year, and had dreams of a busy summer season.

However, the three South American animals are now temporarily staying at Hadleigh Rare Breeds Centre until a new permanent home is found.

Mrs Kendall said: “We had a number of issues with dogs getting into the enclosure, and also people were throwing rocks and stones at the alpacas.

“It’s a shame, but it’s just not worth having them at Wat Tyler any more. I was getting too worried about them whenever I had to leave them.

“They’re getting on really well at the rare breeds centre.”

Orea, Fudge and Valliant will be at the Salvation Army-run animal attraction, at Hadleigh Farm, Castle Lane, until Monday.

They are then set to move to another temporary home in the grounds of a care home in Linford.

Emma Sawyer, manager at the rare breeds centre, said: “We would love to keep them, but unfortunately alpacas are not a rare breed, so they can’t stay here permanently.

“At first they were a bit nervous and shy, which is understandable, but they have settled in really well.

“As soon as they see a white bag they come running because they know it’s full of food.

“They’re certainly proving a big hit with our visitors.

“I just think Wat Tyler Park wasn’t the right place for them.”