A SHORTLIST of the 50 worst roads in Castle Point could benefit from a share of £20million funding.

County Hall has pledged to start repairing the 100 worst main roads in Essex after the Government gave the local authority a £4.4million boost.

The money is on top of £10million already put forward by Essex County Council, and now the authority has set aside a further £5.6million.

Once repairs on the main roads are complete, as many as 50 of the most potholed roads and pavements in each district or borough will be next on the list.

A team of council officers and specialist highways engineers has already drawn up a list of the worse offenders in Canvey and Benfleet.

Long-serving Tory councillor Ray Howard, who represents Canvey West, and Castle Point MP Rebecca Harris, have vowed to fight to see Castle Point benefit from as much money as possible.

Mr Howard said: “I’m pleased the county council is now spending a large amount of money on highways.

“We are tackling potholes in a big way. I know only too well potholes have been an absolute nightmare for residents.

“I’m pleased that, although we still have a huge amount of efficiency savings to find, the county council is putting extra money in.

“I believe it proves the Government and county council are working hard together.

“We are talking about a lot of money. This is going to make a big difference.”

Mrs Harris added: “Our borough’s roads suffer very badly from potholes and I’m delighted Essex County Council has recognised the scale of the problem and will be using the extra millions the Government has given, as well as more of its own money, to tackle the problem head on.”

A final decision has not yet been made on which potholes will be fixed as a result of the latest funding.