LOUTS kicked off wing mirrors from a number of cars in a late night spate of vandalism.

Anna Wallace is one of at least seven owners who discovered their wing mirrors destroyed after being parked overnight on Cambridge Road and Scratton Road, Southend.

She must now shell out £100 to replace her Nissan Micra mirror.

Miss Wallace, 32, from Rayleigh, had been visiting her boyfriend in Marine Avenue and when she returned to her car she couldn’t believe what she saw.

The sales advisor said: “It’s not as if they had just knocked it.

“It’s been completely ripped apart.

There’s no glass in it and it is hanging on by a wire.

“I didn’t notice the others in the street because I had to rush to work, but then my boyfriend Boo said he had seen others targeted.

“It seems like someone who was drunk or had a row came down the street and took it out on the cars, which is really annoying.

“It’s ridiculous you can’t even leave your car on the street and expect to come back to it in one piece.”

Police are investigating. But Miss Wallace said she was told it would be unlikely anyone would be convicted unless people witnessed the vandalism.

She added: “Unless they have evidence like a sighting there’s not much they can do. They wait and hope.”

Miss Wallace’s boyfriend Boo Beckett, aged 43, said: “During the early afternoon of Sunday, I counted six other cars that had their wing mirrors kicked off.

“There might have been more, though, because people might have moved their cars before I was there.”

Anyone with information about the vandalism, which took place overnight between Saturday, July 12 and Sunday, July 13, should call Essex Police on 101.