THE leader of the opposition Tories at Southend Council has accused the new ruling party of stealing their thunder.

Last Tuesday, the Echo revealed the new joint administration of Lib Dems, Labour, and Independents have put in a bid to buy two of the derelict office blocks in Victoria Avenue, to kickstart regeneration there.

The Tories had put £8million in their 2014/15 budget to regenerate the delapidated area before they were kicked out of power, which was carried over by the new administration.

The new ruling party claims that Tories presided over years of inaction with Victoria Avenue.

But John Lamb, leader of the opposition Conservative party, said: “They are taking the glory on this one as we had already set aside the money to develop this area.

“We successfully got money from the Government’s City Deal too, and tried very hard to get more cash from that project.”