DRAINS across Canvey are still blocked – 12 days after the floods.

Furious residents say work to clear them should be done faster in case more wet weather strikes the island.

Essex Highways has marked drains that need clearing with a giant yellow cross.

Anglian Water and Essex Highways say they are tackling the problem, but, even though drains are being cleaned, many are still blocked.

The drain grilles are the responsibility of Essex Highways, with the pipes underneath the responsibility of Anglian Water.

Chris Harvey, 62, of Holbeck Road, said he called Essex County Council and its highways team came – but they painted crosses on the drains.

He said: “They told me the cross meant it had been cleaned, but when they put water through it to make sure it was clear, it wasn’t. They said that’s as far as they could go.

“As a customer, how are we to know, when we phone up, what needs doing? All we know is a drain is blocked. It’s just a mess.”

Mr Harvey said most of the drains along his road have been marked as blocked.

He said: “The alarming thing is the pipes in this road lead to the Croppenburg pumping station.

“We’ve been told the recent flooding was an unprecedented situation, but it happened last August.

“What will we do when it happens again?”

An Anglian Water spokesman said: “Our teams have already been in contact with customers on Canvey who raised flooding issues with us, to understand the problems and take any immediate action.

“We’re also working with other agencies responsible for parts of the drainage network to fully investigate the systems in Canvey, as well as supporting the recently announced Government study.

“This will include a full CCTV survey of our network over the next few weeks.

“Holbeck Road will be one of the first areas we visit to carry out this study and we’re aware other agencies are due to carry out remedial work here in the near future too.”