FLYTIPPERS dumped piles of rubbish, spanning the length of four houses, in an alleyway.

They were left in an alleyway between Hildaville Drive and Fairmead Avenue, Westcliff.

Members of the Residents’ Association of Westborough cleared up half the mess and Southend Council and waste firm Cory Environmental finished the job.

David Glover, secretary of the residents’ association, helped to fill 19 black rubbish bags and 24 recycling sacks.

He said: “A lot of the stuff has been dumped in the community garden and it stretched down the alleyway behind four houses. It’s one of the biggest alley clearances we have done.

“It makes you annoyed someone had the cheek to dump it, because Brenda Smith, the association’s chairman, has been beautifying the area for quite a few years.”

Mrs Smith said: “It was horrendous down there. It’s just laziness.

“There’s nothing to stop them from making trips to the tip. As it is, it is costing the council taxpayers.

“Our help was free, but Cory is going to charge the council for taking the stuff away.”