POLICE are appealing for information after a cyclist was assaulted in a ‘road rage’ incident in Rochford.

The incident happened at about 7.15pm on Wednesday, September 3 at Malting Villas Road, Rochford.

A 60-year-old was pushed off his bike, while on his way home from work, when a car overtaking overtaking a line of parked vehicles in the opposite direction refused to give way.

The cyclist was forced to stop and the driver edged his car forward until the bumper was touching the rider’s front tyre.

A passenger proceeded to jumped out of the car, grabbed the handlebars and said he would drag the bike out of the road with the rider still in the saddle.

During a struggle the rider and his bike fell to the ground, breaking the front light.

Investigating officer, Pc Michelle Rawson, said: "Luckily the rider is an experienced cyclist and he was wearing a safety helmet which thankfully protected him from serious injury.

"The cyclist had the right of way but the driver of a silver Ford Focus was impatient and decided not to wait until the rider had passed and confronted him.

“A passenger from the car then assaulted the rider and damaged his bike.

"We have some very narrow or rural roads in the Rochford area and I would urge drivers and cyclists to acknowledge each other’s rights on the road and reducing this unacceptable behaviour.

“Cyclists are always likely to come off worst in these situations and anyone causing an injury or fatality will have to live with this on their conscience.”

Anyone with information about the incident, particularly a woman who helped the cyclist at the scene and the occupants of a red car behind the silver vehicle, should contact Pc Rawson on 101.