CANVEY seawall seems to be the unlikely backdrop for a worldfamous fashion designer’s advertising campaign starring a Hollywood actor.

James McAvoy appears in a series of glossy black and white photos modelling for Prada.

Residents have been quick to comment on the images, and are convinced the photos were taken by the seawall.

The Scottish star of X-Men First Class and Shameless can be seen walking along what appears to be the seawall by the Lobster Smack pub.

The campaign was shot in May by international fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz, but Prada – based in glamorous Milan – refused to confirm exactly where the multi-million pound shoot took place.

A spokeswoman said: “We can confirm it was shot in England, but do not wish to disclose further.” Joanne Hewer, 19 of Long Road, Canvey, said: “I noticed the pictures when I was on Tumblr and instantly thought I recognised it as the place I take my dog for a walk. I guess Prada don’t want to admit they’ve been shooting on Canvey, but I think the photos are stunning.

“I think it’s amazing James got on to the island and nobody noticed.

They must have done it so secretly.

“I’ve seen him in X-Men and then to see him pictured round here, is very impressive for Canvey.”

Prada would not be the first to film on Canvey. Colin Letchford, from the Friends of Concord Beach, said: “We often have people down here doing fashion shoots and there have also been TV shows filmed on the seafront too.”

Dave Blackwell, leader of Canvey Island Independents, added: “It wouldn’t surprise me at all. Over the years an awful lot of filming has happened on Canvey.

“Maybe they shot it really early in the morning, as it seems nobody was even aware of it taking place.”