SEVEN crews attended a smoke-logged flat in Westcliff after a resident left an incense candle burning when she went out yesterday evening.

The smoke detector in the flat, on the ninth floor of the Blackdown block in North Road, alerted neighbours to the incident and when the looked through the letter box they could see smoke and called the fire service shortly before 7pm on Tuesday evening.

Crews from Rayleigh Weir, Southend, Leigh Hawkwell and Canvey attended the scene but only one crew, wearing breathing apparatus, was needed.

Sub officer Tony Vickress, of Rayleigh Weir fire station, said: "The lady had just recently moved into the previously empty property and lit the candle but then left the flat.

"It filled the flat with smoke but there was no fire and the candle did not fall over or leave the recepticle it was burning in.

"Due to the high rise nature of the incident that is why so many crews attended, it is better to be prepared.

"One crew using breathing apparatus entered the flat and ventilated the property, which was clear shortly before 8pm."