A WOMAN has been left with a broken wrist after three Staffordshire bull terriers attacked her and her dog on their evening walk.

The woman was walking her 18-month-old dachshund on a lead in Wooden Park, near Thorney Bay, Canvey, when she was attacked.

A family member, who did not wish to be named, said: “She was walking with her dog and saw these three dogs and the next moment they were dragging their owner to the bottom of the hill.

“He couldn’t control them and they started to attack.

“They were on leads, but dragged their owner.

“They started biting the dog.”

Neighbours heard the attack and rushed to the dog walker’s defence, chasing the owner of the Staffordshire bull terriers away from the park.

The daschund walker, in her sixties, was left with a broken wrist and was taken to Southend Hospital. The dachshund is unable to put any weight on one of her legs and is covered in puncture marks and bruises from the attack.

The dog walker was also bitten on her hand and was given a tetanus injection.

The family member added: “She must have fallen awkwardly.

“People came out from the flats and in the commotion we don’t know how she was injured.

“She couldn’t move and her dog was covered in blood.

“You just don’t expect this to happen or for the owner of the dogs to then just leave her.

He didn’t even stay to apologise.

“The man and his three dogs just ran off.”

An off-duty paramedic rushed to the scene and called for an ambulance, at about 4.45pm.

A police spokesman said: “The incident has been reported and inquiries are ongoing.”