AMAN was horrified to find a lump of raw meat in his vegetarian snack.

Lee Rose, 36, of Thorney Bay Road, Canvey, was about to tuck into the dip selection he had bought from Morrisons, on Canvey, when he saw a flash of bright red.

Mr Rose said: “There was a lump of rawmeat in it.

“It was bright red and raw. I was absolutely horrified.”

Luckily, Mr Rose had not eaten any of the dip selection when he made the discovery.

He said: “It was as clear as day and was a good two inches big and was just sitting there in the Thousand Island dip. I took the lid off it and that was enough for me. I nearly dropped it on the floor in shock.

“It’s disgusting and I won’t be shopping at Morrisons again.”

Morrisons’ Thousand Island dressing usually contains soured cream, tomato puree, pickled gherkin and red pepper.

Mr Rose said he had not been offered compensation when he returned the dip to staff at the Northwick Road store – a claim Morrisons says is not true.

He said: “I took it back to them and they apologised and said they would send it away, but I’m not happy about it. It has never happened to me before.

“They should have offered me some form of compensation.

“It was terrible and I felt really sick.

“I’m not a vegetarian, but my friend who was with me is and he was also horrified.”

A Morrisons spokesman said they had apologised to Mr Rose for any distress that had been caused and offered him a refund.

The contaminated dip will now be sent away for testing to discover how the meat ended up in it.