POLICE investigating paedophile deputy headteacher Martin Goldberg say they don’t believe he was acting with anyone else in filming children in changing rooms.

Officers are continuing to examine Goldberg’s computers and recording devices, but the investigation could soon end if no other lines of inquiry are established.

The 46-year-old deputy headteacher of the private Thorpe Hall School in Wakering Road, Thorpe Bay, killed himself a day after police officers called at his home in Dalwood, Shoebury.

They were investigating a tip off from Canadian police into child pornography that was first flagged up in July 2012, but Goldberg was not approached until September 9 this year.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “Police are continuing their forensic examination of computer equipment and devices recovered from Martin Goldberg’s home to identify any further indecent images and any evidence of other offending.

“Once this has been completed detectives will assess all of the information to see if any further investigation is warranted.

“At this time the position remains that Essex Police are conducting an investigation solely into the activities of Mr Goldberg.

“There is currently no evidence that Mr Goldberg shared the imagery, that anyone else was involved in his offending, or that he committed any other offences beyond the possession of indecent images and voyeurism.”

Goldberg was found to have 7,257 images of children with 1,468 of them appearing to have been obtained by secretly filming children in the school’s changing rooms and at the Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre in Garon Park.

Only three of Goldberg’s victims have so far been identified, with noone else coming forward.

Police have not been able to identify two other locations where Goldberg secretly filmed.

The force said it had received no allegations prior to the year 2000.

The spokesman added: “The current purpose of the investigation is to establish the extent of Mr Goldberg’s offending, whether there was any third party involvement and if there are any remaining issues around the safeguarding of children.

“Once that has been established Essex Police will review whether further action is required.”


FORMER pupils of Thorpe Hall School claim Goldberg had an “unhealthy obsession” with certain pupils and even showered with some following after-school clubs.

The pupils, who asked not to be named, said Goldberg would lurk around changing rooms and tell off those pupils who didn’t do what he asked.

The male pupil told the Echo the incidents took place at Coutlands, a private fitness centre next to the school, which is now LA Fitness.

He said: “We were aged about 11-14 when it would happen. He would stand in the changing rooms to stop us mucking about but he would shower in Courtlands.

“He would just be weird and make comments about everyone having a ‘pinky’.

“He tried to get us to shower. I refused to and got in trouble but others did shower with him. I think he would get naked with them.

“When I refused he called me stinky. He pressured me to shower, I think he did with everyone.

Looking back I feel like he was strange. I thought he was arrogant and I got a few detentions for arguing with him.”

Another man said: “He had an unhealthy obsession with one chap in my form. He seemed to be very interested in one particular boy.

“If he liked you he liked you.

If he didn’t like you you would know about it. He would mark you down. You don’t really think about it at the time until many years later.

“He was more interested in talking about cars, holidays, Disney and Florida than teaching.

“I always thought there was something funny about him but when you are at that age you don’t know anything untoward, you just try to get on with going to school.”

A neighbour of Goldberg, who lived in Dalwood, Shoebury, said: “No one knew him very well. He was a loner and didn’t have visitors to his house.

“When he first moved here we said hello, but he was a man who was very private.

“He didn’t have any partners and we did notice that.

“We never suspected anything, but when we heard he had hanged himself we jumped to the conclusion.

“We were all talking about it, it’s sad that this has happened in our close.”