A LARGE hole was left in a Benfleet road for three days after workers left the site.

Residents in Louisa Avenue were told to expect disruption when electricity cables were laid and an electricity pole installed, but were shocked when workers left before completing the work, leaving a hole and trench in the ground.

Ray Tyler, 71, of Louisa Avenue, was left unable to park his cars due to the hole outside his home.

He said: “They came on Monday and dug a trench and two holes 1.4m deep, to put the cables in, but when the electricians arrived they said they couldn’t do anything as the lorry they needed couldn’t come to Benfleet.

“They told us they would come back and fill in the hole and will eventually finish the work later.

“I can’t get to my driveway and I’m having to park on the road. I can’t believe it, it is such a waste of money to start works and not finish them.”

The works by UK Power Networks were due to be completed by Wednesday, but instead the hole was filled in and the project will be started again at a later date.

A UK Power Networks spokesman said: “Regrettably the work had to be postponed after one of our pole carrying lorries broke down and the following day another one had a puncture. We were unable to book another lorry at such short notice as they were already in use for other planned jobs.”