THE ebb and flow of the tide stirs many emotions and memories for people. Now an artist with a lifelong fascination for the stages of the tidal flow is asking the community to get involved in his exhibition.

Tide will be held at the new Beecroft Art Gallery, in Victoria Circus, Southend, from April 11, 2015, and will include 25 to 30 large-scale paintings, as well as an animation film.

Artist Mark Bradford wants Echo readers to give him “words about memories of their favourite holidays by the sea, walks out on to the mud or just their thoughts about the tide and what it means to them”, to be used within the film.

A rough version of the concept for the film can be seen at markbradford Mark said: “I’ve always lived in Leigh and have been fascinated by the tide. When I was younger I worked with the fishermen and would go out in their trawlers.

“It was only that my mum talked me out of becoming a fisherman, and I ended up becoming a graphic designer.

“I get fascinated by the tide changes. Whether it is in or out, it gives a whole different feel. Looking at the tide allows you to think, explore your own thoughts.

“It conjures up so many memories and feelings, which is part of the magic which captures people.

“I want to hear any thoughts and feelings from readers, so I can use them as part of the exhibition.”

Mark, 54, now works as a teacher at Chelmsford High School for Girls, after a career change led him back to university in his late forties. Alongside the exhibition, which runs for 11 weeks, Mark also intends to run daily workshops for schools and colleges.

He said: “I want to provide art packs filled with facts and hands-on activities centred around the ‘tide’ to educate children.

“When I was a child I used to think the tide went to Kent and back!”

Send your thoughts to Mark at