THERE’S not much chance of this manger getting dirty.

Sale Appliances, of London Road, Westcliff, has created its own viral Christmas advert by creating a Nativity scene of Henry vacuum cleaners.

The Three Wise Men Charles, George and Edward and the Holy Family of Henry, Hetty and Baby Henry have been arranged in a makeshift manger complete with straw and candles by owner Kris Sale’s son Ashley, 16.

Although it only went on display on Friday, it has already gone viral on social media, with a single tweet racking up 3,000 retweets and a Facebook post getting 5,000 likes.

Kris said the shop was also beset by people taking photos of the display outside the shop as they pass.

He said: “We’ve had lots of comments from customers and all day long people are taking pictures – it makes people smile, which is nice.

“We were just talking one day and I said we would have to do a Christmas window display, and my son had this great idea.

“He’s already thought of a Valentine’s Day display of the Henrys on a romantic date – I think we’re all a bit mad to be honest.”