A WOMAN is facing jail after she admitted making up false rape allegations.

Lisa-Jayne Samuels, 28, of Prince Avenue, Southend, perverted the course of justice by making up the false claims between December 9, 2012, and December 7, 2013.

She admitted the charge when she appeared at Basildon Crown Court yesterday.

The court heard she masterminded the accusations in front of officers and maintained the web of lies during a lengthy police investigation.

Recorder Kenneth Carr adjourned sentencing Samuels until next year so a psychiatric report on her mental state can be written.

But he said: “The mere fact that I am adjourning this case does not indicate that this is going to be treated more leniently.

“All options are open and custody is generally the sentence passed in these cases.

“I want to hear more about you and the sentencing judge will make that decision.” He added that it was a “sensitive case”.

Speaking after the hearing, Laura Burroughs, manager at SOS Rape Crisis in Nelson Street, Southend, said: “In the experience of SOS Rape Crisis, false rape allegations are low in comparison to genuine cases received through referrals via the police, professionals or self-referral.

“On the rare occasion where false allegations are made, there are usually many complex reasons as to why individuals make that decision.

“SOS Rape Crisis provides a confidential and non-judgemental support service for survivors of any form of sexual violence that has occurred at any time in their lives.”

Samuels was released on unconditional bail until she appears at Basildon Crown Court to be sentenced on February 10.