A NEWLY-MARRIED couple had an unforgettable end to their wedding celebrations when celebrites David Hasselhoff and Christopher Biggins made a surprise appearance.

Clare and Craig Shipman tied the knot at the Roslin Beach Hotel, in Thorpe Bay, on Monday and were celebrating with their 75 guests when “the Hoff” and Biggins, who are starring in Southend’s panto, joined the party. The pair were dining in another room with friends when they were asked if they would make the couple’s big day by stopping by.

They didn’t hesitate and before you could say “he’s behind you” they had their arms around the happy couple.

The Knightrider and Baywatch star and TV presenter Biggins then posed with the couple and their excited guests for pictures for a treasured wedding album.

Hermes courier, Clare, 37, of Oak Walk, Benfleet, whose children Kai, 13, and six-year-old Macie also got to meet the stars, said: “It was brilliant.

“Everybody is still talking about what happened. They were having dinner in another room with friends and theywere asked if they would mind having their photo taken with us.

“They walked through the door and congratulated us and put their arms around us and Kai and Macie.

All the boys shouted: ‘It’s Knightrider!’ “We still can’t quite believe it.

It was great.

“We had a really wonderful day at the Roslin.”

F o o t b a l l coach Craig, 32, added: “It was priceless, a brilliant way to top off the best day of my life.

“I lived the dream and married the woman of my life!”

Roslin managing director Jackie Harris revealed Biggins is a frequent visitor to the hotel.

She said: “He loves staying here. He’s a really lovely person.

“He and the Hoff were having dinner and they were asked to say hello to this nice couple.

“They were very gracious about it and didn’t hesitate.”

Hasselhoff is playing Hoff the Hook and Biggins is playing Mrs Smee in Peter Pan at the Cliffs Pavilion until Sunday, January 11.