JUNE WAITE lived up to her name after waiting 18 months for a postcard to arrive from a friend.

Mrs Waite, 73, of Southend Road, Rochford, received a postcard from a friend in Egypt this week, but was shocked to discover it had been sent on June 1, 2013.

Mrs Waite said: “I rang my friend to say thank you for my postcard. She was only there for a three-week cruise up the Nile.

“She had told me when she got back from holiday she had sent a card, but we thought it must have got lost in the post.”

The postcard, which carries an Egyptian postmark, was eventually re-posted over Christmas, 18 months after it was originally sent.

Mrs Waite said: “I couldn’t believe the date on the postcard – it must have got stuck somewhere maybe behind a machine."