EAGLE-EYED television viewers will be able to spot Southend businesses featured in the latest advert for the Vauxhall Corsa.

A bright red Corsa can be seen whizzing up and down the country in the new advert and the neon lights of arcade Electric Avenue and the Mayflower pub, in Old Leigh, can be seen in the background.

Filming took place in December for the campaign called the A to Z of Corsa.

Viewers are taken on a 60- second whirlwind tour of the UK and all things British. The Mayflower pub pops up in the alphabet-themed advert for ‘I’ for ice cream, as people are shown tucking into the favourite seaside treat outside the pub.

Electric Avenue makes a cameo for ‘N’ for neon and the Beecroft Gallery car park, off Victoria Avenue, also makes a fleeting appearance.

Car lovers spotted crews from Salt Film Productions filming on the seafront with two Corsas. Robin Levy, from the Mayflower pub, said: “We have lots of TV personalities visit all of the time and we are to have more adverts and films made soon, so keep a look out.”

Paul Thompson, chairman of the Southend Seafront Traders’ Association, said: “I think it’s great for the town.

Anything that advertises Southend is a good thing for Southend and for the seafront.

“It’s great Southend has been recognised. When it came on the other night we said, ‘look it’s Southend’.”

The bright lights of Southend will be seen on television during the ad breaks for Broadchurch, the National TV Awards and Celebrity Big Brother.

Film crews have flocked to the town to film their movies and videos in recent years.

Gritty crime thriller Hard Boiled Sweets was shot entirely in Southend and BBC soap EastEnders has also filmed in the town.

Jamie Oliver is no stranger to the seafront and is regularly seen filming on the pier for Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club for Channel Four.