TWO prostitutes from Europe were sent home after police shut down a brothel.

The women, one in her twenties and the other in her thirties, were found working from a fourbedroom house in London Road, Benfleet, near Tarpots.

It is believed the property has been used as a brothel for three months and women had been travelling to and from Spain for appointments advertised on an unknown website.

Sgt Mark McQuade gained access to the brothel on Monday evening.

He said: “As soon as they opened the door it was clear what the place was being used for.

“One of the women was scantily clad wearing just underwear.”

Inside the property, police found only two of the bedrooms had beds and lighting – the other two were bare.

Suitcases and candles found in the lounge suggested the women had been living downstairs without electricity. The women voluntarily went with police to be questioned and admitted being prostitutes. Officers are now working to trace the people behind the illegal business.

Mr McQuade added: “The problem we have is the women there travelled from abroad to work there for a couple of weeks, then went back.

“I suppose they can do their business without being under the watchful eye of their family or other people who know them.

“One of the women said she had told her family she had come to Britain to study.

“There is nothing to suggest they are being trafficked, they are doing this of their own free will. However, it is organised and we don’t know how big it is.”

Police were made aware of the brothel through Crimestoppers.

The women are believed to be aged 28 and 36, with one originating from Portugal and the other Spain.

Both were released with no further action to be taken against them as it is not illegal to be prostitutes.

Inquiries continue to establish who the organisers are.


CASTLE Point’s mayor said brothels should be legalised.

Jackie Govier, mayor and councillor for St George’s ward, which covers the area of the brothel, said people living in the area had known what the house was being used for.

She said: “We have had suspicions about that house for some time.

“Residents will be very happy to hear the police have done something. I am surprised the ladies admitted that it was being used as a brothel.”

Mrs Govier added she thought if brothels were made legal, they could be moved away from residential areas and monitored.

She added: “I am not a purist as far as brothels are concerned.

“They are providing a service to the people who need them, but perhaps they should be legalised because then it makes it safer for everyone.

“If they are licensed they can be put somewhere which is not near a family establishment or school.”