AN MP followed and filmed bikers she said were racing up and down a Canvey road.

Castle Point MP Rebecca Harris was canvassing on Canvey when she heard the roar of high-performance engines and saw motorcyclists fly past – so she and her entourage, including Canvey councillor Ray Howard, jumped in their car and gave chase.

The Conservatives, who were in Laburnum Crescent, tracked down two bikers in Roscommon Way, which residents have complained some motorists use as a race track.

Castle Point deputy mayor Andrew Sheldon, who is an aide to the MP, videoed the pursuit and Mrs Harris has passed the footage to police.

The video was originally posted on Facebook, but was taken down yesterday.

Mrs Harris said: “Ray and I have been inundated with complaints from residents fed up with noise from different vehicles racing up and down Roscommon Way since it was opened. The noise ruins people’s enjoyment of their homes and gardens and means they can’t get their children to sleep or sleep themselves.

“We could hear the noise, sowe went around ourselves. Street racing is not just antisocial, but dangerous.”

Mr Sheldon said there were four or five bikers in the original group, but the three Conservatives made sure they travelled at a safe speed, so by the time they caught up, the bikers were slowing down.

Mrs Harris said the bikers left the island via Canvey Way, when they realised they were being filmed by the Conservatives.

Ray Howard, 72, said: “It is something I don’t normally do, but at the end of the day, what do you do when the residents are complaining and need action?

“Rebecca and Andrew took it on themselves to see if we could help the police.

“We have spells of trouble.

"When we got cameras on the road, it disappeared.

“But when the sun came out at the weekend, the bikers came back in force. We can’t let them get away with it.”

A video of the pursuit on Mrs Harris’ page was viewed thousands of times after motorcycling enthusiasts shared it on social media.

Bikers inundated her post with negative comments, criticising her driving and denying the bikers were speeding.