Apparently, there are around 55million rats in the UK. We are confidently informed they are dirty, vicious and spread diseases.

Their breeding is out of proportion and their numbers must be controlled.

Our own faults are always worse in others, and nothing comforts us more than a convenient scapegoat. How often have we heard the decline of the red squirrel population is due to its larger cousin, the grey squirrel.

No need to mention that humans caused destruction of the red squirrels' preferred habitat.

Trafalgar Square pigeons are a threat to human health with their plutonium primed pigeon poo and badgers must be blamed for the spread of tuberculosis.

There is only one species whose numbers have reached almost plague proportions, threatening the equilibrium of the planet with forest clearance, animal farming and widespread poisoning of the environment and food supplies - the human race!

We could choose a more sustainable, kinder future, where quality of all life is important, or continue until the planet is poisoned and polluted beyond repair.

Val Hubert
Claybrick Avenue