A WOMAN suffered terrible injuries after she and her prize-winning dog were savaged by a Staffie as they walked through Pitsea Market.

Linda McCall, 51, suffered deep bite marks to her hands and throat after the dog savaged both her and her Irish wolfhound, Candy, on Saturday afternoon.

Ms McCall of Castle Walk, Pitsea, has been forced to undergo extensive specialist surgery at Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, and is facing a £500 vet bill after the Staffie tried to rip out Candy’s throat.

Speaking to the Echo from her hospital bed, Ms McCall said: “It just happened completely without warning.

“This Staffie just lunged itself at us.

“It bit me and then locked itself on to my dog’s throat. We are so lucky it did not rip her throat off.

“The market was very busy and lots of people were screaming and shouting and trying to help us.”

Ms McCall said the attack happened between Aldi and Pitsea Market.

She said the Staffie was with a woman and an older man, but the pair did nothing to help her or Candy.

She said: “The dog was dangerous and they seemed to have absolutely no idea how to control it.

“It’s disgusting the police have refused to do anything.

“I have been in hospital for three days and have £500 of vet bills.

Two-year-old Candy won Essex Puppy of the Year just three weeks ago and came fourth out of 15 in her category at Crufts.

Ms McCall said: “I don’t breed dogs professionally, it is just a hobby for me. The attack was completely unprovoked. Candy really is a gentle giant. She is a show dog.

“I have nine grandchildren and she is brilliant with them.

“We believe she is going to make a full recovery, but I just hope this does not affect her long term.”

A spokesman from Essex Police said: “Police were called shortly after 10.30pm on Saturday, April 25 with reports of a fight between a Staffordshire bull terrier and a wolfhound at High Road in Pitsea.

“Both dogs sustained injuries and the owner of the wolfhound was injured as she attempted to separate the dogs.

“Both dogs were on leads at the time of the incident, neither is a prohibited breed and neither dog is required by law to be muzzled.

“Therefore no offences were found to have been committed.”