A MOTHER-OF-FIVE who almost forced a driver off the road in a drunken road rage incident has been warned to sober up or go to prison.

Margaret Allgood, 35, admitted using her van to force a people carrier into the oncoming lane of Somnes Avenue, Canvey, while three times over the drink-drive limit.

Judge David Owen-Jones warned Allgood he thought she should go to prison, but said he would give her four weeks to attend an antibinge drinking course for the sake of her children, Darren Bradbry was driving his Ford Galaxy in Canvey Way in the early hours when he saw Allgood’s Ford Escort van with its headlights on full beam behind him.

Mr Bradbry tried to indicate to Allgood, of the Caravans, in Lower Crescent, Stanford, but she drove to within two metres of his car, then braked suddenly.

Allgood, who had been drinking vodka and lager through the day, started swerving and flashing her lights, so Mr Bradbry slowed to 30mph. She pulled alongside, then swerved towards Mr Bradbry’s vehicle twice, forcing him on to the verge to avoid a crash.

Mr Bradbry accelerated in a bid to get away, but she caught him at the Waterside Farm roundabout, sped up the filter lane and swerved towards him again, as he entered Somnes Avenue, forcing him into the oncoming lane.

He slowed, in a bid to let Allgood pass, but she slowed too, to prevent him turning in. Allgood rammed Mr Bradbry’s Galaxy, pushing the side of the car for three or four seconds.

Mr Bradbry, scared he would be forced off the road, pulled up and confronted Allgood, who punched his arm and kicked his vehicle.

Warning Allgood she could face up to 15 months, Mr Owen-Jones said: “She could have killed herself and the other driver.’’

Allgood, who admitted at Basildon Crown Court driving with excess alcohol, dangerous driving and common assault, is due to be sentenced on May 29.