A SPATE of knifing murders has hit Essex recently, every one of them a grim, horrible, pointless tragedy.

The latest took place one week ago, in Pitsea. Out of one similar tragedy emerged the charity Only Cowards Carry, found by Caroline Shearer, whose son Jay died as the result of a knife attack in Clacton, three years ago.

Caroline has already proved one fact conclusively – knife killings should not just be accepted as some sort of unavoidable plague among young people.

There are ways and means by which this scourge can be substantially reduced.

First must come a proactive attitude, summed up by Caroline’s simple. but inspirational statement: “We need to fight back.”

This stricken, determined woman has talked to schools and community groups to rally support, and set up amnesty bins where knives can be deposited.

Her campaign has already yielded impressive results in Clacton, Colchester, Chelmsford and Braintree.

Now it is time to bring the work of Only Cowards Carry to south Essex.

The proven support for the charity’s work spreads far beyond victims and their families. It has gathered impressive levels of backing throughout the community including those most caught up in knife crime – the young.

The number of knives deposited tells its own story.