A RESIDENT is enjoying her new carpets after the Echo stepped in when she was left with bare floors.

Teresa Falzon, 46, from Spenders Close, Basildon, had her carpets removed by workers from Swan Housing after work was carried out to remove asbestos from her home.

She thought carpets would be put back afterwards, but was shocked when just a chalky white paper was left covering her floors.

Teresa contacted the Echo to complain with Swan accepting it needed to put the matter right.

A spokesman for Swan said: “Swan fully accepts its duty of care in protecting and safeguarding all residents, staff, contractors and visitors to the properties it owns and where it has a controlling management responsibility.

“In this instance when work was carried out the tenant’s carpets were mistakenly disposed of, therefore Swan is working in partnership with our repairs contractor Axis to replace the carpets and remedy the resulting dust immediately.

“Visits will be undertaken during any further works, and on completion to ensure the work carried out reaches the high standards we expect for our tenants.”