A MEMORIAL to 120 sheep killed in a crash on the A127 should be built, says an animal rights group. 

PETA want a new roadside memorial, funded by the organisation, commemorating the crushed and asphyxiated sheep. 

The sheep were killed after the crash at Halfway House at the junction of the A127 and the A128 Brentwood Road on Monday evening. 

PETA sent a letter to Cllr Mark Reed - the mayor of Brentwood.

In the letter, PETA said: "Our memorial will let people know that the best way to prevent crashes such as this one is to go vegan, because sheep shouldn't have to make terrifying trips to shearing sheds and abattoirs at all."

But a spokesperson for Brentwood Borough Council said: “The Council can confirm we received a letter from PeTA yesterday.

"As the letter doesn’t give an exact location for the requested sign, it is difficult to know who the landowner is and whether they would need to put in a planning application to ourselves, a private landowner or the Highways Authority.

"Whilst we acknowledge the sentiments of the letter, we would be concerned that a sign on such a busy road would be a distraction for drivers and cause more accidents than it prevents”. 

A lorry holding 450 sheep was involved in a crash with a car on the A127 near West Horndon.

An animal resuce unit was called to the scene, while fire crews had to free the driver of the car who was treated by paramedics.