PROBLEM parking around schools in south Essex has erupted into violence prompting a plea for action.

A motion calling for all schools in the county to have individual traffic management plans will be discussed at an Essex County Council meeting on Tuesday, after angry scenes between parents and residents.

Laindon Park councillor Mark Ellis and Wickford Crouch councillor Nigel Le Gresley believe Essex County Council should reinstate its school travel planning team, which was disbanded in 2012.

Mr Ellis said: “It is something we have in common across the whole borough and every school suffers from problems.

“We want a system where every councillor will be involved with each school and have a specific traffic management and travel policy which brings everything together.

“At the moment, all the various groups have different ideas to tackle the same problem.

“My background is in construction, where on every site you need a specific traffic management policy, but with schools at present there is nothing like that.”

This month, neighbouring Thurrock Council announced a pilot scheme will be launched at Tilbury Pioneer Academy to give teachers the power to issue fines to inconsiderate parkers.

The motion to Essex County Council said: “Parking problems around schools throughout the county are getting worse, increasing the dangers to our children and exacerbating conflicts between some parents and local residents that increasingly results in violence.”

“Suitable action is long overdue and this approach would be a cost effective initiative.

“It will benefit the entire school system in Essex and bring greater harmony between parents and residents, as well as providing a safer environment for Essex children.”

Schools, police, councils and traffic officers from the South Essex Parking Partnership all monitor parking issues.

PCSOs and enforcement staff take part in infrequent patrols in problem areas, such as Hilltop Infant and Junior School, in Hill Avenue, Wickford, where residents complain cars are blocking driveways and making it impossible for emergency vehicles to pass.

In June, a patrol of four PCSOs and four parking partnership officers patrolled the school during the afternoon rush.

Calls for restrictions to reduce problem parking

ANGRY residents have reported problems with parents blocking roads near schools across south Essex.

Highways authorities Essex County Council and Southend Council are regularly petitioned with calls for additional parking restrictions.

In June, Southend Council introduced keep clear signage outside the gates of Blenheim Primary School, in Blenheim Chase, Leigh.

The action came after 20 residents sent a petition to the council, calling for measures to make it safer for children to cross.

In August, the South Essex Parking Partnership announced plans to restrict parking in 18 streets surrounding Hockley Primary School.

The proposed restrictions, which would see parking limited to residents who buy a £50 annual permit per car, came in response to complaints about parents parking in the area.

In Hilton Road, Canvey, neighbours reported parents arriving as early as 1.30pm each day to get a parking spot near Winter Gardens Primary and St Katherine’s Primary schools.

Ward councillor Neville Watson said: “It is absolute pandemonium – the whole place comes to a standstill.”